how this all started

"Photography has a small way of stopping these moments and letting us keep them to hold onto."

In 2009, Shana came across Adam's website in a random Google search.  At the time, Adam's website was very dark and gritty and Shana was drawn to how opposite it was to everything light and airy she knew her own work to be.  Never before or since had she been compelled enough by someone's work to reach out through a website and ask to meet for coffee. We became fast friends, talking shop and dreaming about bigger photography goals for the future. We felt like we had known each other forever. The one thing we had in common from the beginning, we lived and breathed photography. Photography had become a huge piece of who we both were. Inspired by each other, we became set on figuring out how to create a better brand. How to create better client experiences. How to capture images that mattered to people.  How to leave the world a better place through our photography.

The idea was simple: together we could accomplish so much more than we could alone. We constantly challenge each other to be better. Not only technically, but at creating these moments in our own families and at documenting these moments during the time we spend with our clients. We have both become parents since we met, and we understand now more than ever the importance of documenting lives and the love people share. Life is a vapor, a moving train with no way to slow it down. Moments fly by with reckless abandon unless they are grabbed with deliberation and held in one's heart. Life is a continuous process of letting go. Photography has a small way of stopping these moments and letting us keep them to hold onto. Our favorite photos are not the technically perfect, or the ones that look like shots from a movie. Our favorite photos are the ones that show connection and warmth, and tell a story between people who love each other.