Meet Shana

"I’m trying to make this life count, making as many memories for my family as I am documenting for people like you."

I have always loved looking at photographs, especially photographs with people in them. It’s been a simple love, really, of seeing and reliving simple moments made by simple people. I didn’t originally set out to be a photographer, but the gratification I found in image creation was unrivalled. I let go of my science teacher position to never use that biology education degree again. Photography became a job that permeated all parts my life, keeping me up and creating late at night, bringing me to workshops with a hunger to learn more and be better, making friendships with the people who stood in front of my lens, and creating relationships with fellow photographers who understood the passion behind image creation and the angst of a tough business. My love for images has never waivored, and I am impassioned more than ever to find and create true my own life and in the images we create together.

On February 15, 2014, I became a new person that had not existed prior ... a beautiful little dark haired, dark-eyed baby girl made me a mom. I fall more and more in love with her every day. DAUGHTER became my favorite word, best accomplishment, and top priority. She has brought a new depth to my relationships and a new importance to the way I live...I’m a different kind of photographer and a different kind of person. Last year she became a big sis to little brother Wren Fitzwilliam, our handsome little blue-eyed fiesty one. I am constantly working on making these two worlds coexist, photography and motherhood, to the advantage of each other.

I'm a smaller town Wisconsin lady, who married a guy from high school and watched him turn into an amazing dad. I love a visit to a big city but would never live in one. I start every morning with an ice cold vanilla Frappucino to help me survive the day on the four hours of sleep I've gotten. On normal days, you'll find us doing art projects, planting seedlings and working on our vegetable garden, or watching our butterflies grow. We bake a lot of banana bread (because who remembers to eat them before they go bad,) cook a lot of dinners (thank you Hello Fresh), and do occasional home improvement projects (against my husband's wishes). I'm always plotting our next vacation and my next Amazon Prime purchase. Our kids have passports before they turn one, and we love spending our Christmas' at Disney.

I’m trying to make this life count, making as many memories for my family as I am documenting for people like you. I hope you'll become part of them. Let's make fast friends, have some fun at sunset making memories, and create some beautiful images of your love together.