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Green Bay Wedding Photographer

"You have exactly one life in which to do everything you'll ever do. Act accordingly." - Colin Wright







Welcome to the new Defining78! Previously Adam LeSage Photography and Be Gallery, in early 2015 we combined forces and made a name change.

While searching for months for the perfect name to represent the new studio, we read a book about an ambitious eighteen-year-old boy about to graduate from high school and pursue becoming a doctor. The boy created a bucket list of his life's goals and ambitions and buried a mason jar containing the list. He was hoping to unearth it as old man with no regrets, however a few short weeks later his parents were digging up the jar after their son had passed away in his sleep from natural causes. This story is a perfect metaphor for life, and it moved and inspired us.

We all have such a short, finite amount of time in this life. Time to accomplish everything we want to, time to spend with the people we love most, and time to impact or improve the lives of others. If we don't do things today, right now, we might not ever get the chance to accomplish. The average life expectancy in the United States is 78 years, so we fell in love with the name Defining78. The name is incredibly simple yet powerful. What each of us does with our lives and our gifts is defining our 78. The studios that were once Adam LeSage Photography and Be Gallery are now one business working towards the same goals, called Defining78. We couldn't be more excited for the direction we are headed and the impact we hope to make.

Serving our clients to the best of our abilities has always been most important to us, and we've also dreamed of being able to make a larger impact both locally and globally. This studio merge allowed us to do both, while fulfilling all of your photographic needs from maternity to seniors to weddings and everything in between. In addition, we've been able to make more of a charitable impact. We are now able to donate a portion of every portrait session to specific charities, and with every wedding we will be contributing to a water well project in the developing world. We now have the convenience of two locations and a enthusiastic group of people working to make your photographic experience as amazing as possible. One studio is located in downtown Green Bay, the other in downtown Appleton.

We're so excited to continue to grow together!