HELLO, i'm adam.

I love hikes, music, movies, camping, exploring, craft beer by the fire, gut busting laughter, good conversation, reciting movie lines, sarcasm, and doing life with all of the people that I’m lucky enough to call family and friends.

Photography, for me, is the summation of what life has brought me. It’s the places I’ve been, the experiences I’ve felt, and most importantly the people that have shared in it. The most beautiful highs and lows. There have been the loss of loved ones, the birth of my son, the bottomless pit of my wife’s cancer, the raw happiness of her remission, the transformational feeling of love from others. All the while realizing and appreciating how much I need relationships and connection.

And while photography doesn’t define me, it does provide an outlet, its the gasoline thrown on the fire, that ignites my soul. It is in connection where everything is found.

I’m a photographer because in the deepest part of my being, it matters. It’s a chance to help the people in my life write their story and provide them with a visual legacy. I believe it matters now, and will matter even more in the future.