HELLO, i'm shana.

I am a photographer due to a very small amount of talent, a huge passion for the craft, and a lot of sweat over a lot of years. Photography is not who I am, it is what I do. And it is imperative to me that I do it well. My soul is in my photos.

Photography gives me life, fills my tank, and ties me to people I want to be tied to. Photography bears beautiful fruit for me in so many ways.

I would be an absolute liar to tell you I’ve been self taught. Nature has taught me true beauty and that everything we really need is presented to us by mother Earth. My four children have taught me just how big a love can be, even in the moments that seem small. The struggles I went through during childhood taught me to work hard and endure. And the many photographers who do this better than me have taught me to aspire to greatness.

In a society plagued by disconnectedness, I work to build connections. I work to document connections. I work to be a part of connections. And I try bring my whole self to the table. That is the only way the magic happens.

I choose to be a photographer because I believe with all of my heart that it matters. It matters here in the now, and it is going to matter in the future. The time with my clients matters. The platform I get to speak from matters. The image I am able to give someone that allows her to see herself in a better and brighter light matters. The image that I give someone that shows her her true value matters...a beautiful moment often set outside the daily difficulties of life. The image that I get to hand someone as a keepsake for years to come matters. I believe with all of my heart that this work matters.